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What Does Quantum Leadership Mean?

It refers to leading from a future state. Quantum leadership is an attitude that represents a change in perspective from the traditional mindset of control and predictability to wholeness and system thinking. It is about thinking and acting differently. A quantum leader continuously learns and pushes for a higher level of performance by understanding the current reality and having a clear vision of the future.

Quantum leaders lead with a greater purpose, undeniable compassion for others, and deep care for future generations, not necessarily because it’s profitable but because that is who they are. They are values-based.

Quantum leaders are more efficient/effective and produce a higher quality product and/or service.

It is our desire that business leaders around the world will embrace the idea of challenging themselves to realize their fullest potential. This is a never-ending journey, and we believe we will all benefit from the self-cultivation process to improve all aspects of their lives. We are here to serve those who serve others. In other words, we are here to help leaders become better leaders.

Our Mission


Engage with a principled objective to make a positive difference in the lives of organizational members and individuals that strive to advance their knowledge, irrespective of organizational level or career stage.

Endeavor to build relationships (networking) that help nurture you and/or organizations.

Make genuinely informed decisions by acquiring knowledge through listening to and encouraging our clients to use a systematic approach to achieve desired results.

Who We Are

Quantum Leadership Is:

A privately owned consulting/education/training company formed in 2007.

A membership company that provides results-oriented direction to employers, careerists, and those seeking to effectively address uncertainties and challenges.

Prepared to advance knowledge on organizational operations, offering consulting, personal development, coaching, mentorship, and soft skills as our key services.

Passionate about assisting clients in addressing personal and/or business needs and positioning them for a sustainable future in their quest to learn more ways to enhance their effectiveness.

Available to help those who seek to enhance their skills and performance.

What We Do

We help our members improve their work efficiency.

Provide meaningful, practical, up-to-date knowledge and support.

Offer consulting, coaching, training, workshops, mentoring, and webinars.

Meet the Leaders

Don Gibson, MS, MHA, FACHE

Quantum Leadership

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Dr. Derrick Suehs, MA, EdD

Senior Vice President of
Quantum Leadership

As an annual paid member, you will have ongoing access to numerous existing and future exclusive resources, specialized content, and discounts for your qualified career level (whether it be Early, Mid or a Senior Careerist) with special consideration for active-duty military and veterans.