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  • How to Improve Employee Experience: Engagement, Satisfaction, Performance
  • Leveraging People Analytics to Enhance Talent Strategies
  • Leading Team Members to Take Ownership of Change
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Key to Organizational Growth
  • Leading Innovation: Staying Relevant and Competitive
  • How to Identify Problems and Effectively Solve
  • Leadership Traits that are Crucial to Successful Leading
  • How to Quickly and Effectively Resolve Conflict
  • Public Speaking: Over Coming Your Fears
    (Rob Followell)
    INTRODUCTION (4.43 min.)

1. Fear (4.47 min.)
2. Mentally Prepare (5.55 min.)
3. Know Your Audience (5.59 min.)
4. Preparation (6.22 min.)
5. Practice (4.55 min.)
6. Showtime (4.51 min)
7. Debrief (2.40 min)
8. Summary (4.0 min.)

  • How to be a Strong, Assertive Leader, AND Emotionally Intelligent
  • How to Minimize Miscommunication for Effective People Management
  • How to Create a High-Tolerance Team
  • To Balance Out Tolerance, Need Assertiveness: How that Works
  • How to Improve Your Judgement Skills
  • How to Negate Almost Anything!
  • How to Manage Struggling with Envy in the Workplace
  • Building Trust Through Transparency
  • Change Management: Making it Real, Sustaining it
  • Creating a Psychological Safe Work Environment
  • Ethics: Living the Values
  • High Reliability Organizations: Reducing High Risk
  • Innovation: A Behavior That Drives the Future
  • Patient Safety: Making it Safe for Everyone
  • Setting Priorities: What You Pay Attention to is What is Important
  • Surviving Maximizing the Daily Communication Routines and Challenges
  • How to Build Trust and Respect with Your Employees
  • Workforce Management & Operational Transformation (James Gagne)
  • The Basic Tools of Continuous Quality Improvement
  • The Upside and the Downside of Goals
  • MODULE ONE – Operational Excellence
  • MODULE TWO – Operational Excellence: Four Components of QI and Management, Quality Assurance
  • MODULE THREE – Operational Excellence: Four Components of QI and Management, Quality Control.
  • How Coaching in the Workplace Leads to Better Performance
  • Using PDSA to Improve Operations
  • Using SMART Formatted Goals to Make a Difference
  • Increasing Productivity Through Redesign of Work Processes
  • How to Choose the Right Number of Staff for the Right Project
  • How to be More Efficient AND Effective
  • Measuring Productivity: Why It’s a Must
  • The Influencer: Getting the Job Done Right the First Time
  • The Importance of Understanding Common and Special Variations within Work Processes
  • Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement: The Chicken or the Egg, Which Comes First
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Competencies
  • MODULE ONE – Emotional Intelligence: Why it Works and Why it’s Crucial to Your Career
  • MODULE TWO – Emotional Intelligence: What Does Satisfaction Have to do with EI?
  • MODULE THREE – Emotional Intelligence: Key Qualities of People with High Emotional Intelligence
  • MODULE FOUR – Emotional Intelligence: How to Handle People with Low Emotional Intelligence
  • Satisfaction/Experience: How to Make the Connection Work
  • How Focus Groups for Customers Lead to Interventions and Strategies to Improve the Customer
  • Experience and Satisfaction
  • Operation Momma: What it is and How it Works
  • Customer Service Cycle: Strategies for Retaining and Growing Relationships
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