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OBJECTIVE: Help employers advance their staff’s knowledge with customized workshops.

  • Workshops, with seasoned facilitators, can make a strong impact on employee skills, knowledge, as well as increase energy/motivation levels in an interactive learning environment.
  • Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to engage in dialogues on specific topics, share knowledge/ideas, and include new information in their jobs, which can lead to increased productivity.

What we can do for your organization:

  • Provide free consultation to discuss how we can best meet your workshop needs.
  • Offer customized workshops of 4 – 8 hours/day, tailored to your needs.
  • Present you with a choice of topics that you believe would be beneficial to a particular group of employees in your organization.
  • Provide quality educational workshops with a pricing structure that works for your budget.
Let’s Connect Today About Your Workshop Needs!

As an annual paid member, you will have ongoing access to numerous existing and future exclusive resources, specialized content, and discounts for your qualified career level (whether it be Early, Mid or a Senior Careerist) with special consideration for active-duty military and veterans.